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How much does a commercial cost?

It’s all based on how many people are listening at any one time. We combine a series of commercials into a campaign based on your business needs and your budget. 

What if I don’t have a big budget?

We provide exceptionally affordable prices for different type of budgets. When you think of radio, you think of the listeners that come to us to listen to our music, play our contests and listen to our on-air talent. But there are many other ways our listeners interact with us, and we could tie your marketing into one or more of those. They include our events, our website, our social media, contests, and others. We will connect you to the audience that you need.

How do I know how much to invest?

We work with you to determine a plan of action that is most effective and suitable to your marketing and branding needs.

What if I need something other than what's provided on your site?

We offer variations of advertisement to fit each individual's need.  For a more customized fit for your advertising needs contact us at

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